Friday, July 15, 2016

Fisherman's Bass Red Velvet Cake

So I like decorating Cakes, I've made lots of cakes, but this is my first at Molding Chocolate and I have to say I seem to have a talent for it if I do say so myself.
I made this cake especially for one of my Son-in-laws for his birthday this week.
It takes a bit of time actually but it's fun and it's so worth it if you like cake decorating you should try it, although if you don't, or don't have the time, you can order one but believe me they aren't cheap but they are so worth it, the person you give it to will always remember it.

Now to make the chocolate Molding Clay
First Chocolate Molding Clay is made from any good chocolate and Corn Syrup
Molding chocolate recipes

what you need:
5 cups (40 oz) candy melts or good chocolate chips
8 oz clear corn syrup
(first here is a tip, using less corn syrup is better than using more)
I find especially in warmer temps, as it doesn't want to set and firm up as quickly

put chocolate in microwave safe bowl
make sure you use a rubber spatula not wooden tools
melt according to directions
generally heat for 1 minute full power
and then put it in for another 30 seconds 50% power
if it doesn't melt completely heat just a few seconds more at a time
do not overheat this

heat the syrup for about 40 seconds
just to warm up to mix with chocolate

if you are going to color the chocolate, add gel color
now before adding syrup
do not use liquid based colors

now add syrup and stir gently
and slowly
do not over stir this now
scrape the sides and stop stirring
stir about 1 minute 20 seconds 

lay plastic wrap over a flat surface
so you can move it afterwards

wrap it up and press flat so it will set faster
Let it sit for over an hour
then unwrap and start kneading
Cut in small pieces and knead each piece

if it's still real oily and sticky it needs to rest more
if it's really oily still let it sit overnight
if you have oily chunks then follow this tip
if it still has little chunks in it after kneading
pop it in the microwave for 5-10 seconds give or take
then continue to knead till the chunks are gone
then wrap it up and store it in an airtight container till you're ready to use it 

after you have it mixed you can either work with it as clay, but remember
don't work it too long, if it gets to soft, stop, let it sit in a cool place but
do NOT refrigerate and rinse your hands in cool water to cool them down, this will 
all help you work with your chocolate.

If you are working with large shapes you may want to make a rice crispy sculpture first
when making a rice crispy form, you will use rice crispy cereal and marshmallows
no butter 

                                       (I will have more on these instructions as I have time)
This is the fish with the second coat of luster dust
using semi wet dust

This is final coat of dust done dry

Rice Crispy Forms for Chocolate or Fondant Molding

You will need a box of Rice Crispy Cereal any brand works
a large bag of Marshmallows

I use a large bag of marshmallows, half the bag for this fish, rocks and cattails
I didn't measure the cereal but at least 8 cups maybe 10
NO Butter, it makes it oily and wont hold up

Melt the marshmallows for about 30 seconds at a time, then stir with a spatula
give it a second, then microwave again and it should melt as you stir, don't over melt
Next you will stir in the cereal and get it covered with the melted marshmallows
then give it a few minutes to cool, this is important, be patient
after about 3-5 minutes, wash your hands and either grab some crisco
or spray them lightly with a Pam like spray and get in that bowl
and mix, and press down, you want to smash the cereal and get it formed together
now be thinking of your basic shape and remember you will want it smaller than
the finished shape you are going for.
You can shape freehand for small objects, of if making larger items
you will want a basic wire sculpture in the general outline of the shape you are 
making, and press this wire into a styrofoam board or circle to hold it while you work.
You can also use pvc pipes made into a basic shape for bigger shapes still. 
I searched and found lots of helpful videos for this all on Youtube

I freehanded this cake and the shapes held together just fine without the wires or pvc 
for me, I guess I got it all just right.
After you get your shapes together, cover it with plastic wrap and press it tightly with it.
wrap it up well, stick it in the refrigerator and let it sit for at least a couple hours 
to overnight.
When it has set and gotten solid and is firm, you are ready to take it out 
and start covering it with the mixed Chocolate recipe and working with it to smooth it how
you like. 

You can color the chocolate with edible luster dust, or gel colors worked in small amounts for me
some say it doesn't work for them, you will just have to try and see, depending on what colors you need.
Then as you work with the chocolate over the shape, you may have to let them sit up awhile to firm up and dry
I kept mine on the table or counter, lightly covered with more plastic wrap but a little open for the air to 
help dry the chocolate to set up.

This is really interesting to learn and work with but it takes a great deal of time to make 
but it's worth to me, as I am an artist and this is just part of what I like to create.

More posts coming as I have time. Happy Creating